Annual Conference Summary

2009acI was going to write an concise, straightforward account of Annual Conference using carefully chosen words but Rev. David Livingston beat me to the punch. I’ll just link to his excellent work here. I’ll just add a few things. First, David is correct that the new model for apportionments is not “THE Biblical model of giving.” I don’t think there is one Biblical model of giving (and I suspect that David feels the same). But it is a move toward A more Biblical model of giving and that’s a good thing. Second, as a member of the Conference Council on Finance and Administration (CFA), I would encourage anyone with the time, the talent, and the inclination to go over the conference budget with a fine tooth comb. I’ve already pushed CFA to include more details next year. Third, I would also thank Rev. Neil Gately for his motion that passed with only a handful (really, literally, a handful) in opposition.This is an issue about which Neil feels quite strongly and the restrained, respectful tone of his motion and his speech in support of the motion was a model of Christian conferencing.

The present plan is to have Janice, Brian, Jenny and I present reports of Annual Conference (AC in David’s account) during the sermon time next week. That’s right, this years Annual Conference will preach.