Giving to General Fund Down

tightbudgetWe want to begin by thanking everyone for their continued faithful stewardship during this economic downturn. But we also think you should know that as of last Sunday, receipts in the general fund were down $4300 for the year 2009 as compared to 2008. We’re aware that tough economic times may have necessitated cutbacks in giving for some and we want everyone to know that the church is cutting costs as well.

We also want everyone to know that none of the recent improvements to the church building and grounds have come from the general fund (the fund into which your offerings go). They have come from money received from memorials, bequests, and special, designated giving. In short, the improvements have not been paid for out of the church’s operating budget and the money spent on them could not be used for general purposes. The general fund keeps the lights on, pays the staff and covers the day-to-day expenses. It is also what funds the various ministries of the church, such as VBS, Sunday School, and our mission projects in the community and around the world. The general fund that supports these ministries is where we’re hurting and that’s where we need your continued support.

Thank you.

Dave Larimore, Church Council Chair
Kathy Wood, Finance Committee Chair
John and Jenny Collins, Pastors