Food Pantry Donations Needed


Food pantry donations will again take center stage in the lobby this coming Sunday. As of a few days ago we had helped approximately 65 people since the beginning of the year through the emergency assistance fund and the food pantry.

Recently, some of our members who are active in the Salvation Army helped us put together a sack of groceries according to Salvation Army specs. The items they include in every sack are: green beans, corn, peas, fruit, soup, pork and beans, tuna, jello, rice, dry beans, peanut butter, crackers, cereal, macaroni and cheese. Other food items will be put to good use filling up the remainder of a sack. We are giving out one sack to singles, couples, and small families; and two sacks to larger families. We’re using money that has been donated to the food pantry to provide milk and other perishables. We’ve been using paper sacks from Braum’s so if you have any extras to donate they would be much appreciated. Donations of personal care items are always helpful.