A Slide and a Question … Continued

From a reader in response to the previous post:

“There will be times that the repeat of a slide is most appropriate and full of impact. But I don’t think we want to see all of them again…just like hearing the same sermon. Now how much fun would that be! Although some of us learn best by repetition!!!”

This is very much along the lines of what I was thinking. I will not reuse all the slides, some of them were made for very particular sermons. But others, like the slide for Easter or Baptism of the Lord are less about a particular sermon than about a given liturgical Sunday that repeats itself every year. Next year I may want to do something different, but if I decide that a slide still fits, it is very beneficial to my schedule since I could sometimes save 2-4 hours by using a slide again (This Sunday’s slide is an example, I had to orient myself to an updated presentation software program and teach myself how to make things transparent, but most of weeks the title slide doesn’t take that long.).

Another line of my thinking is this: I sometimes refer to slides as electronic paraments (non-electronic paraments would include the altar cloth). Both non-electronic paraments and electronic paraments can serve the same purpose, they help us worship, observe the liturgical year and offer visual cues to what is going on for a particular Sunday. When thinking about slides as electronic paraments, reusing a given slide for Easter Sunday or Baptism of the Lord makes a great deal of sense. We use the same non-electronic parament Easter after Easter, and it seems to me that when a slide is particularly attractive it would make sense to use it more than once.

I don’t think any of this is in opposition to what the above reader wrote (if it is let me know) and I appreciate the feedback. Thanks.