Three Simple Rules

As announced last Sunday I’ll be preaching a three part sermon series based on the book Three Simple Rules A Wesleyan Way of Living by Reuben P. Job. From the introduction:

“There are three simple rules that have the power to change the world. While they are ancient they have seldom been fully put to the test. But when and where practiced, the world of things as they were was shaken until a new formation, a new world was formed. The Wesleyan movement is a prime example of this new creation that is formed when these three simple rules are adopted as a way of living.”

This is a large claim for “three simple rules,” and I am often suspicious of simple solutions. But while the rules are simple, Job, and before him Wesley, would not claim that they were easy to follow or simple to implement. It’s not easy, but the world can be changed by these rules. We’ll begin talking about the rules and how to follow them this coming Sunday.