All Sunday Activities Cancelled

I just went out to check the roads. I was driving our Chrysler Concorde which has a wide wheel base, four-wheel anti-lock brakes, and traction control. I noticed right away that the anti-lock brakes were kicking in on almost every stop. As I went past Cline in front of the school, I noticed a truck spin out and end up perpendicular to the road. My thought was that some people just don’t know how to drive in winter conditions. I went down fifth street and turned onto Elm. Again anti-lock brakes at almost every stop. When I turned from Elm onto tenth in front of the church, I went from the deep ruts to a very rugged surface and the traction control kicked in for about half a block. I decided to go home via 11th Street. In front of the college I saw someone in a four-wheel drive vehicle attempt to turn into the parking lot for the gym. They missed the turn and plowed into a snowdrift. I again thought to myself “some people just don’t know how to drive in snow.” When I turned from 11th onto Buckeye I slid out of control and into the oncoming lane. Fortunately there were no cars headed in my direction, but I did consider what had happened to the truck and the four-wheel drive vehicle more charitably.

In addition to my harrowing drive tonight, we’ve already had three people have substantial injuries due to falls this week. Including one broken wrist and one broken ankle.

I have no doubt that we could get the sidewalks in front of the church clear and salted in time for the 10:50 worship service tomorrow. But I don’t think that’s the issue, the real issue is the condition of the roads and I don’t think the city is going to be able to get those cleared. Therefore for safety’s sake, we’re calling off all worship services (including the Asbury service) and activities tomorrow. I encourage everyone to join us for the Wednesday Gathering at 7:15 p.m.