UMCOR Malaria Project

The following appeared in the most recent issue of United Methodist Newscope:

Heightened awareness of malaria’s toll may help UM efforts to stem the disease. At least six countries in Africa recently received grants from the UM Committee on Relief to spray insecticide indoors, distribute bed nets that shield the vulnerable from mosquitoes, and conduct community awareness programs. Cameroon, Guinea, Liberia, Nigeria, Senegal, and Sierra Leone were among the recipients. According to a New York Times report, 800,000 young African children die every year of malaria, more than of any other disease (Advance #982009, Malaria Control).

I’ve been following reports of how many people Malaria kills (a child dies every 30 seconds), and how easy it is to stop if only funds are available (I seem to remember that sleeping nets run only $1 – $2). A little bit of money would go along way. The “Advance #982009” is the number if we wanted to donate to UMCOR efforts. I’m wondering if anyone else feels led to this.